Jamie and Alexis – North Carolina and a cute cabin

Jamie and Alexis mean SO much to me! Not only were they my first same sex wedding I photographed, but they flew Greg and I to North Carolina! Originally they had planned on a beach wedding in Surf City, NC, but Hurricane Matthew had other plans. We moved the wedding inland to what they call ‘mountains’ (hee hee) Mount Airy. We shot at a darling cabin nestled in the rich large hills of North Carolina. I was SO surprised by how humid it was. My hair wasn’t super happy about it, but I LOVED how green it was. 

Now, this was my first same sex marriage I’ve ever photographed, so I wanted to be sure I was as politically correct as possible. I did some research and didn’t really see any difference between this wedding and other’s I’ve photographed. The most important thing I learned from my ‘non research’ was that I didn’t need to do anything different. Love is Love. And that’s what I did. 
I fell in LOVE with Jamie and Alexis. I mean come on… the best part about a wedding is the bride. And I had TWO! Whaaaaa! Best ever! Serious. They were head over heels in love with each other and I was the lucky one who was flown out to North Carolina to document it all. Oh yeah! Greg came too! He was the 6 foot tall man who tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. 🙂 
This wedding was filled with laughter and liquor! I photograph a lot of Mormon ‘dry’ weddings and it’s a TREAT to photograph weddings with an open bar. The party goes all night long and even grandparents join in when the dance music starts. Don’t get me wrong… I’m Mormon myself, but there’s something hysterical that happens when a little alcohol is introduced to a wedding. 
Thank you Alexis and Jamie for being absolutely darling and beautiful. It means more than you know that you chose ME as your wedding photographer. I love you both! And I need to come hang out with you soon! 

Oh… the three of us. I LOVE YOU LADIES!
McKenzie Deakins
Destination Wedding Photographer

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