Jaxon and Alissa – A Gatsby Anthropologie wedding

This couple was nothing but smiles and style. I LOVE them! From Alissa’s Anthropologie wedding gown to popsicles in Downtown Provo. I loved shooting these two sessions before their wedding day. In fact, I usually blog all sessions together, but I just can’t resist!
I HAVE to tell you how I found Alissa. K – I was shooting wedding at the Ogden Temple in January of 2016. I needed some promotional photos taken of me so I waited until my wedding party left and looked around for someone who looked sweet and kind and who would be willing to snap a quick photo of me. I found Alissa and her friend! Alissa took my camera and snapped this photo of me!

Isn’t that darling! I then asked if I could take a photo of the two of them to thank them. We exchanged emails and Alissa started following me on Instagram. A few months later, Alissa emailed me and wanted to book me as her wedding photographer! Wha! I was over the moon excited! I mean come on! Look at her hair! Her hair alone! Oh man, she’s stunning and has fantastic style. Jaxon’s also super awesome too! (don’t want to forget about him)

For their engagement session, I wanted to shoot in Downtown Provo. I knew the style that they were going for… (I always ask my couple’s to send me photos of their outfit choices so I can brainstorm a location better) –
So I thought the quaint look of Taste, Sweet Tooth Fairy, and NuSkin would make for great backdrops. I think we rocked our session. Not gonna lie. I was on cloud 9 the entire time!

Now… their formal session. I had a few spots near the Salt Lake Temple that I had recently discovered and KNEW that it fit their Gastby vintage themed wedding perfectly. ESPECIALLY since one of the backdrops had the number 29 in it, (which was their wedding date). STOP IT! I know. It’s crazy! It was beginning to slightly snow… the ground cover looked like it was dusted with powdered sugar and the sidewalks were wet and shiny. I LOVED this session. LOVED! Her hair, her makeup, her headpiece, her Anthropologie gown, and her BOUQUET! Everything came together beautifully. What you can’t tell is how incredibly freezing cold it was… because it was…

Thank you Jaxon and Alissa for hanging out with me. You two are absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to show you our lip-synch! It’s coming soon!

Wedding Gown: Anthropologie
Head Piece: Dani Hagemeister – DANANI Handmade Adornments

McKenzie Deakins

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