Caleb and Jaclyn – Disneyland royalty

I felt like I had waited FOREVER for this wedding day! Jaclyn and I were both counting down the days!
I photographed this darling couple in July of 2015 for their engagement session and it was so sweet! Do you remember? It was the cute couple that had an ‘UP’ themed picnic engagement shoot. Oh man. It was too perfect! They tempted me with such darlingness and then I had to wait and entire YEAR until I could photograph this perfectly sweet wedding.

k- lemme back it up a bit.
SO… two days before their wedding I was shooting an epic bridal session in Muir Woods in San Fransisco (don’t you fret I’ll blog that one too). The next day I shot a wedding in Sacramento. Then the morning of Caleb and Jaclyn’s wedding I was flying in to San Diego where Greg (husband) picked me up and we drove to Temecula where their event was held. Needless to say, I was super tired… and I’m pretty sure I had perspired through all of the clothes I had packed. It’s hot in California. meh.
I knew I needed some help. Greg was a designated second photographer at this wedding, so I called to my Instagram friends for help. I posted about needing help in Southern California and a darrrrrrling friend named Candace answered my plea. She showed up in exactly what I asked. ‘Wear black, no cracks (boobs or butts). She had the perfect amount of assistance, knowledge, silence, and brainstorm power. She’s amazing and I’m so sad she’s in California. Bah! Thank you Candace SOOO much for helping me with this wedding.

Now… on with the show.

This event was a well oiled machine. The itinerary was scheduled to the minute mark and we kept pretty good time. But like most events some things don’t go perfectly, which is where I knew I needed to make up time during family photos. I LOVED how many first looks I shot. I first shot one with the bridesmaids in the brides room. I must say… It’s the BEST first look I’ve ever done! Tears, squeals, giggles, laughter. Oh my! I recommend it to anyone. It’s absolutely fabulous! Then we had a first look with her two dads and then finally the first look with the groom. Those were all sweet and beautiful. We shot some family photos, filmed the #mclipsynch and then prepped for the ceremony. The ceremony was nestled underneath a giant tree. It really felt like we had stepped into a fairytale. Which makes sense because these two lovelies met at Disneyland as cast members. They’re really good friends with Flynn and Rapunzel (if you catch my drift). Jacklyn implemented details from Disney’s ‘Tangled’ throughout the decor and the guest gifts. I loved the subtle nod to their Disneyland beginnings.
I LOVED how these images turned out. The venue was beautiful and made it easy to pick a variety of backdrops. Green lawns, orange trees, and epic sunset scenery.  Definitely loved this venue.

It truly was a fairytale wedding. Caleb and Jaclyn are made for each other. It was such a sweet afternoon and evening to spend in the most beautiful of settings. Thank you SO much Caleb and Jaclyn for sharing your day with me. Congrats again!

Vendor details
Venue: Oak Circle Ranch
Bridal gown: Stella York from The Bustle Bridal Boutique
Floral designer: Sheri’s Flowers
Hair: Allie Babbitt
Makeup: Larissa Crecco
Groom’s Suit: J.Crew

– McKenzie Deakins
California Wedding Photographer

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