DAZI TIES! Don’t forget about the groom!

I talk about this topic ALL the time.

He’s the other half in all of these images, so he needs to look on point on his big day!

I stubbled across DAZI ties after I noticed my groom’s showing up to their engagement or bridal sessions with these sexy ties. Every. Time. They were DAZI ties. Currently they can be found at Called to Surf in the Riverwoods Shopping Center in Provo, Utah, or online (www.daziusa.com).

You guys! I can’t shout it from the hilltops loud enough. These ties are legit! I’m a tie person! I go crazy for them. Their soft and at the same time they hold great shape. The patterns… the skinny! I die! In fact, I’m planning my best friend’s wedding and we are choosing DAZI ties for all of the groomsmen. We’ll have each groomsmen in a different skinny floral tie. Darrrrrrling right? I KNOW!

So there you have it. Buy your man a skinny nummy DAZI tie. He needs it, you need to look at him wearing it. 🙂

Hey! Do you want a coupon, a steal of a deal, a discount on DAZI ties? Use the ‘mckenzieapproved’ code at checkout of 15% off your DAZI tie. 🙂



McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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