Sanjay and Juel – the Grand America and Publik (Indian Style)

You guys.
This wedding was a feast… A FEAST for my camera… (and my tummy). 🙂
There’s so much to talk about and I don’t know if I’ll be very accurate so try to stay with me while I explain things in my Utah white girl way. 🙂

The getting ready photos were such a treat! Sanjay’s relatives helped dress Juel’s friends and family in the traditional gorgeous saris and bejeweled them with bangles and sparkle. Best/worst part? Juel’s ears had closed up, so she had to repierce her ear with the giant sparkly earrings. It was a great memory but horrible in the moment. 🙂
The bride waited in her hotel room while the guests went outside to usher in the groom. The groom! He entered in on a beautiful ferrari! WHA! Sanjay’s family danced as he made his grand entrance. There was music, dancing, and cheering! It was absolutely beautiful!
Before entering the Grand America for the ceremony, they had a mini ceremony outside with spices, and all sorts of fun colorful things (I have no idea what I’m talking about).
The guests followed the groom and the bride’s parents into the room where the ceremony would be held.
You guys… the next hour and then some went by in a flash. There was SO much happening. The bride came in, there were scarves wrapped around them, spices, and bedazzled coconuts being touched with feet. I was in awe. I fell instantly in love with EVERYTHING! So much happened. The priestess (I know that’s not what she’s called) would sing the traditional chants and it made my heart soar. At one point, I looked around and thought… ‘Good heavens! I have such a freaking rad life!’ They ate delicious sushi looking treats and then the family threw flowers on them. This ceremony lasted about an hour and a half…
I shot with a lens I rented from Pictureline and I’m SO happy I did. It was the 35 mm 1.4 lens. There was some natural light coming in, but it wasn’t too strong. I loved the drama that lens gave as well as it’s 1.4 f-stop lovin’.
After the ceremony guests went to chat and mingle while the bride changed into her western sari. (which was more white).
They changed over the room for the western ceremony. Which basically was what I photograph more often. It was a sweet ceremony where they shared their vows and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. 🙂

After this ceremony is was lunch time, and we all deserved it. There was a fusion of eastern and western delicacies. Curry, pasta, salmon… oh my! My favorite? The beautiful coke zero in the corner. I had my way with those!

After lunch we shot some family portraits outside with the gorgeous Grand America as our backdrop.

Then we had a bit of a break… Which meant I had time to run to Target to purchase Easter goodies (Easter was the next day). Yes! Did you forget? I’m also a mom! WHA!


I LOVE this coffee house. It’s so trendy and cool. When people post images about Publik on Instagram it makes them at least 25% cooler. My jaw dropped when I walked in to see the epic indian gorgeousness. I was dying! I felt like I stepped into Bollywood. They had traditional Indian dancers perform and it was absolutely beautiful. My favorite part? When Juel’s family surprised the bride and groom with a flash mob dance (Indian style). Sanjay’s face is absolutely priceless! He was so shocked and in awe. Everyone’s phones came out and there were smiles aplenty! Dancing, mingling, laughing, and eating! EATING! Bombay House catered. Oh man. It was DELICIOUS! It didn’t look delicious… but it was SO GOOD! What an absolutely amazing and tiring day.
You guys… I shot for 9 hours and I was tired.
I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved capturing them!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

  1. Ursula Wawro

    April 28th, 2016 at 4:02 am

    These pictures are amazing. They remind me the Indian wedding Of my frend that I attended in Sacramento.

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