McCoy and Taylor – gorgeousness in a greenhouse

Rise and shout the Cougars are out!
HEY! You guys! This couple has blue blood. Or whatever the saying is…
McCoy played football for the BYU Cougars and Taylor is a BYU cheerleader. I know… how darling and perfect is that!
Yes indeed… they are absolutely darling, but I will say one thing. There’s a bit of some height difference. 🙂 But I have my ways to work around that.

Now the dilemma of finding a gorgeous location for their engagement session. Early Spring is SO hard to photograph! The trees still look like dead sticks stuck in the ground and there’s no green in sight! My most favorite FAVORITE location to photograph in this situation is my local greenhouse. I know my greenhouse charges a fee to shoot there, so before you head to yours be sure to check into that.
I was able to shoot with delicious diffused light with beautiful greenery everywhere! I had fun playing with composition and color. This was my element. Shooting with beautiful humans in a fun and eclectic location. This is my jam.

Taylor’s outfits:
White dress – BCBG
Shoes – Dillards
Navy Skirt – Banana Republic

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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