Cody and Tiffany – glamour and feathers

Tiffany’s gown…
Are you kidding me? Is this real life? Featherlicious glorious fantastical. There are so many other made up words I can use to describe it but I’ll spare you for now.
I was so excited to photograph this dress! The texture! The fit! The glamour! It was pure sweet perfection. Her gown is a Rosa Clara gown purchased from Avenia Bridal in Orem, Utah.
Oh and Cody was cute too! 🙂

Not only did I fall in love with Cody and Tiffany, but I fell in love with Tiffany’s parents as well. Specifically Tiffany’s Mom. She’s the stunner in the white sequined dress. Oh man. She’s such a sweetheart that she brought me a drink from Swigs in between the wedding and reception. She’s also been such a gem to work with all along the way.

We shot Cody and Tiffany’s ‘first look’ images at Memory Grove Park in Downtown Salt Lake City. We finished at the State Capitol. Nate Pickett was the videographer on scene and Greg Deakins (my husband) was there to film a lip synch for us. He’s a stud.

When it came to the big day… I noticed that Tiffany had a lot of bridesmaids. K. I swear she had like 124 bridesmaids. Why do you ask?? Because Tiffany is made of sweet sugar and spice. She’s darling and amazing and one of those people that’s so pretty you want to hate, but you can’t because she’s already your best friend. So… it made sense that she has that many people that love and adore her.
They were married in the gorgeous new LDS Payson Temple, and had a delicious dinner and reception held at Riverside Country Club in Provo, Utah.
I can’t wait for you to see the gorgeousness of this wedding… so! Without further ado.

Cody and Tiffany!

Gown: Avenia Bridal
Floral Design: Jana Lynn Kofford
Venue: Riverside Country Club
Videographer: Nate Pickett
DJ: Rob Ferre

Then I noticed my shoe was untied. Before I could put my camera down to tie it… THE BRIDE STARTED TO TIE MY SHOE!!!!  She’s seriously so darling. I luh her. 

My fav. 

And now, the main event!

This is Maddie! I just booked her wedding! 

Every buddy was Kung Fu Fighting!

No joke. I told her to put her bouquet in the air in a triumphant hurrah… and Cody was a little too close. He was whacked in the face with it. SO FUNNY!

Shake it! 

This one…  

I love them so much!

K. Now everyone fight like you were all little kids again. These shots are always hilarious!

124 bridesmaids. 

Another fav. 

Crepe bar anyone? Uh… YES PLEASE!

Hey Mr. DJ put a record on. Rob Ferre is THE BEST DJ!

I know… right?

McKenzie Deakins

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