Regan and Becca – glamorous, timeless, fabulous

Becca wanted a wedding that would be fabulous and yet would be timeless. Frankly, she hit this one outta the park. From her cake to her heels… this wedding had elegance and glamour for dayz.

Here’s the crazy part… She booked me for this big day just 2 weeks before. 2 WEEKS! Can you believe it! I had to maneuver around some shoots so I could make it work and I’m SO glad I did because this wedding was fabulous.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. Regan (el groome) was the one who needed to be sure I was the right fit to be their wedding photographer. He said that he needed to feel comfortable, so he could be himself… so the photos would look natural. They told me that after they left our consultation that Regan gave me his stamp of approval. Saweeeet! They also said that my enthusiasm and attention to detail were a huge reason they wanted to hire me. I love getting feedback!

They had the most amazing cake. You guys. It’s absolutely amazing. It was made by world famous celebrity baker KaiLava. She was on Cake Boss and is also the editor for Food and Beverage magazine. This 5 tiered cake has edible glitter and white chocolate roses… Best part? The glorious sugared flowers… oh my. They literally took my breath away. I stared at them longer than socially appropriate. 🙂

Regan and Becca wanted to have a first look moment so we could take some formal shots of them before their ceremony. Specifically so we could shoot some photos inside this amazzzzzzing car. I can’t remember the name of it but I know that it’s usually in a museum and that they call it the ‘wedding car’. It’s amazing and Krissi Cook (videographer) and I couldn’t stop going crazy for it.
The ceremony was so sweet. Regan and Becca have such a beautiful relationship. They’re goo goo for each other. When they get excited they both clap their hands and jump up and down… for reals… it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They did that after they kissed as man and wife and the crowd went wild. Then they walked down the aisle and had a moment to themselves. They hugged and kissed and just held each other. They didn’t care about everyone watching them. They were in their own world and it was a beautiful moment to see.

It was a fun night… gorgeous sunset at Sleepy Ridge Golf course mixed with conversation and good food. What a fantastic last minute wedding.

Thank you Regan and Becca for exploding in and out of my life so quickly.
I hope you love and cherish these images for years to come… (that’s quite possibly the cheesiest line I’ve ever written)



Venue: Sleepy Ridge Golf Course
Cake: Kai @kailava
Florist: Floral Rhapsody
Caterer: State Street Catering
Videographer: Krissi Cook

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