Aadle and Humera – an exotic Indian wedding at the Capitol

This wedding was one for the record books. It was filled with color and spice! It was a HUGE change of scenery from what I’m used to. Don’t get me wrong! I love my LDS Utah weddings, but this was so out of the ordinary for me. My eyeballs were on sensory overload! It was very important for me to continue to ask questions and take notes along the way. I needed to be sure I never missed a moment because I wasn’t expecting it. This was the first Hindi wedding that I’d photographed, so I wasn’t familiar with the ceremony. For the most part, it was very similar to most weddings. There were only a few differences that I found. For example, the men all cupped their hands at one point and I snatched a shot of that. Then the dove release behind the bride and groom was something I was aware of so we had multiple photographers getting shots of that ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS MOMENT!

This two day event began at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City. THIS is where I was able to get most of the detail shots of the bride and groom. Their wedding day was jam packed with events which is why we shot their bridal session weeks before the big day so we could get great shots of them in that attire. I was obsessed with the images outside the Monaco. The closeups of Humera’s henna art and Aadle’s rad outfit were some of my FAVS! Greg and I actually made a quick tutorial while we waited for the bride and groom on how to light a wedding cake when shooting indoors. Head to my YouTube channel to take a look at it! www.youtube.com/themckenziedeakins. This is something that I love about Greg. The bride texted me and told me she was running an hour late, so Greg said… ‘K, let’s not just sit here. Let’s make a quick video.’
He always keeps me on my feet! The Mehendi ceremony was short and sweet. In fact, I know at one point the groom was supposed to eat a sugar cube. I wish I understood more of what happened, but it was dancing, a traditional cake cutting, and a henna artist was there to make magic happen on the guests. In fact, I had some henna on my hand… which I didn’t realize needed to dry for an hour… Uh… good thing it was my left hand so I could still shoot with my right! 🙂

The wedding day came, and it started with a teeny bit of stress. Humera’s sari wasn’t fitting quite right. Her mom and her maidens couldn’t get it to pin and lay the way that it should. She kept asking me what it looked like… and me (like a fool) said I thought it looked great! I had no idea what it was supposed to look like… and since I think that the fabric and the jewels were sparkly and pretty I was just enamored by how exotic it all was. I’m such a nerd. Anyway… at the last minute I suggested that if she didn’t like this sari, then she should put on her beautiful pink dress. This was the one that we shot bridals in and the one that she knows she looks hot in.
Kendyl and Stacy with W Event Design came in to help her switch out the sari for the hot pink gown.  There wasn’t a mirror in the bride’s room (go figure). So I had my assistant Haley, hold up my iPhone 6 plus in front of her while they dressed her. It was a moment… but by the end she looked fabulous and headed down to the courtyard to get married.
The evening went like this…
Announcement of the family, toasts, dinner, and dancing. All of this was very similar to what I’m used to, but everyone was in fabulously bright saris.
OH! Best part? When Gangnam Style came on.
I started screaming like a lunatic! I LOVED IT! I’m at an Indian wedding and this is happening! YAS!
In all, I shot for 11 hours… I was a tired lil photographer by the end, but it was all worth it. I mean… look at the images I ended up with! And the experience was one I’ll never forget. I LOVE MY JOB!

Mehendi Ceremony at Hotel Monaco August 14th, 2015

We staged the first look and I LOVED Aadle’s reaction. He’s so funny!

Aadle insisted on a jumping photo! HAHAHAHA!

Check out my Instagram feed to see my photo of my henna art! @mckenziedeakins

Bridal Session photographed on August 2, 2015

Wedding Ceremony – August 15th, 2015

Dontchu smile… Dontchu smile…

K… now look at each other and say ‘I love you’


YAS! I cracked him! I knew he had it in him! – My favorite trick! The ole “look at each other and say ‘I love you’ trick’ Works. Every. Time. 

Now err buddy get on in!

Aladdin doesn’t need no magic carpet! He’s got his cousins to do the lifting! 

Me too! I wanna photo with them! 

Uh… um… This is the ONLY part about Indian weddings that isn’t as colorful and vibrant as my typical weddings. EEK! BUT it tasted super num! It just looked like barf. (Please love me!)

gangnam style

Frat boyz

The maidens had their own dance party upstairs.. don’t worry. I found them. 

Dad stood there… He wanted a photo with the bride and groom before they left…


Vendor Info:
Photography: McKenzie and Greg Deakins www.mckenziedeakins.com
Venue: Mehndi ceremony- Hotel Monaco www.monaco-saltlakecity.com
Venue: Wedding ceremomy – Utah State Captiol Building https://utahstatecapitol.utah.gov/scheduling
Hair and Makeup Artist: Vivian Johnson muavivian@gmail.com @vivianmakeupartist
Event Planner: Kendyl and Stacy- W Event Design www.weventdesign.com @weventdesign
Floral Design: Blooms and Co. www.bloomsandco.com
Rental Company: Event Rental Utah www.eventrentalutah.com
Vintage Couches: www.refinedvintageevents.com
Caterer: Zabiha Grill www.zabihagrillut.com
Service Vendor: Right Hand Gals www.right-handgal.com

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