Trent and Rachael – fabulously glamorous

I found Trent and Rachael at a wedding I was shooting. I spotted her flowy anthropologie dress and I knew that she needed to be mine.
I didn’t know they were engaged… I didn’t know how serious they were… but one thing led to another and they told me their date was coming up!
Bad news…
They already had a photographer. Her Aunt. I get it… I get it. There’s always a friend, an uncle, a roommate… Everyone already has a photographer in their life. Which is sad that I wasn’t her Aunt. BUT! I’ll take what I can get! She wanted her bridal session shot by me which I was super duper excited about. We decided to photograph the session at the LDS Salt Lake Temple which is where they would be married. It’s always such a great idea to get these photos taken in fantastic golden hour lighting and it also alleviates some stress on the big day.
When I saw Rachael’s gown I screamed! Then I jumped up and down. Then I got to work!
We started shooting and the weather was FABULOUS! Sunny sky and delicious light.
It started to get darker and I felt the change in the air. I knew that something bad was headed our way. So we quickened our pace and I made sure to knock out the traditional must have photos before the storm came. We shot until the last possible second. In fact, I was in the middle of shooting the groom’s headshots when a gust of wind and dirt blew into our faces… then thunder… then big drops of rain!
It ended up being a shorter session than normal, but I was able to get as many if not more than I usually get because this couple was so candid and natural. OH! And her dress was amaze. I didn’t need to send my assistant into the shot to fix a train every 5 seconds. It just fell where it needed to and was easy breezy.
You two are amazing and I’m so honored to have taken your photos! Thanks you two, and CONGRATS!

Gown: Mignon Collection

Wedding dress inspired gel nails! Are you in love?  
Um, she’s darling! 

 McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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