Shawn and Daisy – an Autumnal August

I’m in LOVE with this couple! They wanted an Autumn/Fall feel to their session, but we shot this when the leaves weren’t changing colors yet. No probo! With their clothing choices, and rustic backdrop we made this feel like Thanksgiving was right around the corner.
I can’t get enough of Daisy and her flawless face. She could giggle and laugh on command then go straight into a secksay smile without blinking an eye. She’s stunning and gorgeous and I’ll lover her forever. Sad part… I didn’t get to photograph their wedding because she already had a photographer booked in California. Sadness… Sad. #sad
BUT I was super happy that I was able to photograph this session for them. Thanks you two for being J. Crew models for me.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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