Nick and Heidi – suits, designer gown, and the rain.

This blog post is PACKED with photos. Stay with me on this one.

When I met Nick and Heidi I pretty much attacked them with compliments. And if you know me, then you know that’s pretty normal. I LOVE telling people how fabulous they are! I don’t think we hear it enough. And… frankly you really can’t hear it enough.

Look at this groom! His beard! I was dying! Beards are so fantastic and hipster right now. They wanted me to shoot just their wedding, but I couldn’t resist not taking the bridal session as well. It made sense though. If I’m not shooting their bridal session then I don’t know what’s been photographed and what hasn’t when the big day comes along. AND I needed to feel like I had a complete wedding in the end and I wouldn’t have been able to take these epic images if it as at their wedding venue.

We shot their bridal session up American Fork Canyon at the Tibble Fork Reservoir. It’s a pretty popular spot. We saw 5 other brides shooting their sessions there too! Then we finished the session by taking some minimalistic images in my studio in Orem, Utah. Honestly I’m a fan. They are absolutely gorgeous people. Heidi has the most beautiful skin and is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Sometimes I would look at her and just stare… Like an idiot… I would just stare. The two of them together was magical. They laughed and giggled then rocked the smize like no one’s business. Home run. Props all around. Good game.

Now… on to the wedding day. The weather was gorrrrgeous. Near the end of the night a crazy rain/thunder/wind storm hit. The bride ran for the centerpieces while guests ran for their lives. I took shelter under the pines and covered my precious camera and lens like a newborn bub.

Heidi’s taste and style were all pure sweet perfection. The floral design was simple and current. The cake, food, and sweets were amazzzzzzing. Even the cake knife and server were perfect. The suiting for the men was spot on. I kiiiiinda went a little crazy taking photos of them. I’m such a fan of mens suits. Well fitting suits at a wedding get me every dang time. I LOVE THEM!

I loved spending this day with these two. Nick and Heidi are special to me. Near and dear. Thank you so much for choosing me. It means more than you know! LOVE YOU!

Cake and desserts: @dolcebellabyerin
Bridal gown: Anne Barge @altamodabridal
Groom’s suit: Beckett and Robb @beckettrobb
Flower girl dresses: Etsy shop – Valiantwang
Bridal Hair: b Space Salon
Bridal Makeup: Angie Matson

I thought a quick game of paper, rocks, scissors would be good. 


Sunglasses run in the family. 

These two organized the CUTEST bride and groom game. They took off  their shoes and held a bridal heel in one hand and a groom’s shoe in the other. As they sat back to back the groomsmen took turns asking questions, like ‘Who is the better driver… Who made the first move…Who has more fashion sense’ (unanimous answer: the groom) 🙂 –  I am in LOVE with this idea. I think every bride and groom should do it! 

Nick gave Heidi the most adorable gift. He saved one flower from every bouquet that he gave her and wrote a love note to her talking about the reasons why he gave her flowers. Shut up. SO dang cute!

Such a cute idea for a ‘sign in book’ 

Winner. Athropologie. 

Ta da!
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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