Caleb and Jaclyn – disneyland royalty

Here it is!
The one you’ve been waiting for!
It’s the fabulous Disneyland couple! Caleb and Jaclyn work at Disneyland together and fell in LOVE! Isn’t that darling! The cutest part? They are good friends with ‘Flynn and Rapunzel’ if you catch my drift. My cute family and I headed out to California to visit Disneyland for a few days. One of the evenings I photographed their engagement session. It was themed after the Disney movie ‘Up’. DARRRRRRLING!

This is their cute engagement story!
Caleb and I were celebrating our 2 year anniversary. At the beginning of the day, he gave me the first of three canvas pictures. It was of Carl and Ellie Frederickson sitting in their chairs reading with our heads photoshopped on their bodies. Later that afternoon, Caleb presented me with a second canvas of Carl & Ellie… This time at 70+ years old… With our heads photoshopped on their bodies. He even added white hair, wrinkles, and age spots to our faces. That evening, Caleb convinced me that we were going to a nice dinner in LA and that we had to go somewhere before this dinner. Low and behold we arrived at The Griffith Observatory. He took me around the back of the building over looking the city and handed me a book (“Our Adventure Book”) filled with pictures of us and every card I had ever given him. Then he hands me a third canvas of Carl & Ellie on their wedding day. Before I could even process anything, I turned back around and there he was on one knee!

I immediately fell in love with these two. They’re gorgeous, but also candid and charismatic making it an absolutely breeze to photograph them.
We shot the first part of this session at Old Towne Orange which was just up the street from our hotel next to Disneyland. It’s a darling little area with lots of cute antique shops and eateries. I’m definitely going back to explore when I’m not ‘on the job’. We then drove to a beautiful park/zoo (Irvine Regional Park). My family loved this! Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that I brought along my husband and two kiddos. I thought they’d enjoy seeing different parts of California while I worked. I also had Greg film a quick lip synch video of the three of us. (see below… it’s a good one!)

I had never been to either location. It was tricky to find spots in Old Towne Orange that would work. Over the years, I’ve learned to stop shooting if something’s not working. I would look at a spot and start working it over with the couple, but it just doesn’t click, or it doesn’t feel right. So I stop, and say, ‘Let’s move on.’ I did this a lot at the first location because there were so many options. As a new photographer, I would feel embarrassed to move from a pose or a location. But now, I know that time is precious and the sooner I get over my insecurities the better. Your client WANTS you to move on. The same goes for posing a couple. If it looks awkward then change it up!

The evening light was good to me. I had a couple times when I jumped up and down and squealed like a fool. The picnic scene was beyond precious. I loved every single bit!

Thanks lovely lovers for being so much fun! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding! I just wish it was sooner than later!

Jaclyn’s blue dress: Francesca’s
Jaclyn’s floral dress: Urban Outfitters

Thanks for being fabulous! I love you two!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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