Nate and Kaelynn – a picturesque garden wedding

Oh man…
This family. They’re mine. They belong to me. I become so close to a family while I photograph weddings that the next time they call me for when the younger daughter gets married… I squeal in happiness! I get to hang out with them again! Hooray! AND I don’t need to learn new names. Fabulous!

From the blossom filled engagement session to the rainy bridals… every session with Nate and Kaelynn has been absolutely fantastic. They are so sweet together. Smiling, kissing, giggling… mainly at me and my lunge that turned into a fall on the slippery temple grounds. HAHAHAHA! I had so much fun, and we ended up with some absolutely fantastic images.

Just a heads up. We photographed their bridal session on the temple grounds beforehand. I already bloggered about them. So click on this link to see the goods.

I felt the need to relax in the tree. I mean, I asked Kaelynn to do it… So why shouldn’t I? 
I was in a hurry to get a shot with the sun coming in behind them, so I power lunged (I just made that up) and slipped… fell onto my rear… and lost a shoe. But I didn’t falter. No no. I continued shooting with but one pink shoe. It’s late. I’m too dramatic. 

I LOVED THIS MOMENT! I usually ask the father of the bride to fix the bride’s veil. Obviously the veil is perfect and doesn’t need to be fixed, but I get a great photo out of it. This Dad… takes the veil off and then puts it on the top of her head. We all started giggling and he has no idea what’s going on. We all loved it!
Another candid moment snatched. 

Maybe this veil had more problems than I thought.  
Are you kidding me? This baby grabbed Dad’s tie and ate it! 

I am so proud of this photo. This is Kaelynn’s Grandma. She catered the reception… that was held in her backyard… and she’s amazing… and I want to be her someday. The best part about this photo is that she is infamous for being difficult to get a smiling photo of. Obbbbbbbviously I had to make it my life’s goal to get this very shot. As you can see here… I have succeeded in my endeavors. #jobwelldone

Do you love the groom? He tried to hold hands with the gent on his right. Bahahahaha!

Her elastic on my wrist is killing me! BUT it’s a candid. You can’t control everything. 

This dude. 

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I can’t begin to describe to you how amazing these strawberry shortcake cups were. I’m still dreaming about them. 

See. This is me hiding behind a tree whilst I devoured these delectable things!

Behind the scenes. 

Isn’t Grandma’s house so dang cute! 

  1. Candid Wedding Photography

    July 30th, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    That first picture is absolutely amazing! You look so happy! Although he looks a bit nervous, bless him!

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