Zach and Jaelynn – a nautical carnival

The Orem Summerfest played the backdrop for the start of this darling carnival engagement session. If you know me, then you know I love the Orem Summerfest. I don’t know if you notice the different types of carnivals, but this one is SO pretty. The booths are colorful, clean, and newer than other carnivals. They also set this one up on grass which makes a huge difference. The contrast of the green grass to the pink awnings makes a big difference. Most cities set it up on asphalt making it look dirty and gross. It’s all about the details. Pahleeeeeze.
In fact, I usually have my brides and grooms bring their choices of clothes to a session then I make the final decision. That way I have the final say because I know what backdrop I’ll be shooting against. Funny thing happened with this session. Zach brought his clothes, but they were bundled up in a laundry bag. They were completely wrinkled! BUT never you fear! I ran home and grabbed my husbands shirts and ties. Problem solved. And I know Jaelynn liked the way he looked. I saw it in her face when he came out of my bathroom. Oh hay!
In this instance, I met them at my studio because Jaelynn was having her makeup done by my friend Jenn of Classy Cozmetics. (Follow her on Instagram @classycozmetics). So it made it easy to swing over to my house from the studio.
I love how the carnival shots turned out. The ferris wheel made me SO sick. I had my assistant Haley with me so she helped switch out lenses. I wanted to throw up from twisting behind and then forward. I also had to keep adjusting my exposure because I would shoot front lit to back lit then front lit again. It was pure madness! BUT totally worth it. I love how fun and lighthearted they turned out.
I knew what I was going to get from shooting at the carnival, but I wanted to be sure to get some romantic and standard issue engagement session photos too. Which I was able to get from shooting at the Provo Boat Harbor. The sun was setting and I couldn’t handle how gorgeous these were turning out.
Now… for the record. Jaelynn and Zach are fairly close to being the same height. So there are tricks to making her look substantially shorter. I mentioned to Jaelynn to always keep her eye level lower than his. That instantly brings her shorter. I told her to always put her weight into one side and slightly tilt her head. (this was something she naturally did) When doing walking photos, I tried to keep Jaelynn further away from the camera. And finally a fail safe trick is to do sitting photos, and take closer up shots.
I love how these turned out and I know they love them too!

Hey! Thanks for reading! I’ve had to deal with some haters lately, which led me to feel some anxiety and put up some walls. It’s not super easy to be completely open, so when I get hate emails that are incorrect and make me question myself… anyway… it’s not easy to bounce back from it. I’m slowly but surely coming back.

Thanks again! I need the support and love from you!

Hurry let’s take one of us!  

Do you have a ticket to ride? THEY DO!


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