Tanner and McCall – the most glorious wedding above all weddings

It’s May 13th, 2015.
And uh… guess what day this wedding was photographed…
May 1, 2015.
Under two weeks turnaround time for a wedding? Amazing you say?
I say YES!

I’m rocking this wedding season! I’m staying ahead and keeping my clients happy!

Now, back to what we all came here for.
Tanner and McCall.
No joke. I teared up as I left this wedding. I’m such a mess. I never wanted this night to end! The decor, the flowers, the bridesmaids, the food, the dancing, the videographer :), the FUN… but most importantly… THE FAMILY! #modsquad

Oh man.
I just love you guys. (tears)

Wedding Gown: Jenny Packham and Alta Moda Bridal
www.jennypackham.com and www.altamodabridal.com
Venue: Riverside Country Club – Provo, UT www.riversidecountryclub.org


I had a new assistant help me. Haley. 🙂 She’s darling and worked her tail off switching lenses for me and running to get me a diet coke. She’s a rockstar for sure.

I worked with a Jared Wortley of Jared Wortley Films. He’s awesome. Super rad, and super talented. He made this fun clip for me.

Here are some behind the scene iPhone photos that cute Haley took for us.

Yes. That’s me… layin’ down on the job. meh.

Ok. I narrowed it down to 91. Ridiculous I know, but I wanted to showcase more of the traditional images that you’ll get with your wedding collections. Tanner and McCall will end up with over 700 images and most of them are of the family and bridal party looking at the camera and smiling as well as detail photos and candids throughout the night. I don’t post a lot to the traditional ones because I assume that everyone knows that I take them. I’ve just recently noticed that my clients are wanting to be sure they get these formal images because I don’t show them online or in my blog. So there you have it! Here are some ‘looking at the camera’ images…. along with all of my personal favs.

Drum roll please…

July 11th… I’m comin’ for ya! #shutyourface 

I bless you with the gift of beauty. 

I had to post both. Color and black and white. 

I’ve chopped off her head! EEK! 

The whisper in her ear shot. I’ll always do this one. 

High noon! 

um… kinda my fav. McCall. You called it!

This isn’t the last you’ll see of this table. I couldn’t stop taking it’s photos. Temptress!

Beautiful ladies.

You know it!


Hi there!

Well hello to you too!

You had me at hello… You had me at hello…

Guest favors!

But this one. 


Doesn’t this look like it came out of 1960? They’re such hipster rockstars. 

It seemed like a lot, but you breezed through it in no time!
Thanks for looking and come back again!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


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