Shidler and Chloe – a wedding in the blossoms

This couple.

They are so ridiculously easy to photograph. They smile, they laugh, they shmize. Oh my! They have endless talents!
I loved every single session that I shot with them. 
Their engagements in the greenhouse. 
Their bridals at the Great Salt Lake. 
Every single session was so much fun! 
The wedding was the absolute cherry on top. 
Not only are they amazingly sweet and wonderful people, but they come from amazing families. I LOVED getting to know them. This wedding was one of my favs… (I feel like I say that a lot). 
They were married in the Timpanogos Temple, and their reception was at Sleepy Ridge Golf course. They were married at the beginning of April. Which meant that the spring blossoms were out and lovely as ever, but the greens on the golf course, and the foliage was still in winter hibernation. So I thought out of the box, and asked the immediate families and bridesmaids and groomsmen to follow me to a local orchard that was covered in precious little white blossoms. BEST. DECISION. EVER. 
These images turned out exactly how I had in mind, and they were simple, elegant and unique. SO happy bout it. I felt comfortable asking them to take the photos here because the mother of the bride said on multiple occasions that she trusted me, and that she knew how talented I was and would do whatever I thought. 
You have NO idea how important that is! When my client has a strong opinion on a LOT of things like… location, or posing, or this and that. Then my creative juices start to slow down and almost stop all together. I know that happens with a lot of creative minds. I obviously want to please my clients no matter what, so I take their opinions and advice and roll with it. I feel like this wedding… from the greenhouse to the orchard is completely me and my style because the bride and mother of the bride were ALWAYS trusting me. 

Venue: Mount Timpanogos LDS temple and Sleepy Ridge Golf Course
Gown: The Perfect Dress Bridal
HMUA: Vivian Makeup Artist
Floral Design: Nanette York with Sleepy Ridge Weddings

Hip bump outta the temple. 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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