Tanner and McCall – Gatsby inspired gown by Jenny Packham

My oh my!
When McCall showed me her bridal gown on her iPhone I was breath taken. It was absolutely gorgeous. It’s a show stopper to say the least. Not only is it out of this world gorgeous, but it was designed by the fabulous Jenny Packham and found at our local bridal shoppe Alta Moda in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I KNEW that Tanner and McCall were too good looking for their own good, so I decided to start this session on a simplistic backdrop in my studio. Keep in mind, I’m using natural light during this session. 🙂 I’m also using the 1.4 85 mm Nikon prime lens. (my fav)
I can’t tell you how many times I started screaming in happiness throughout this session. I just couldn’t hold in my excitement! LOOK AT THEM! How could I contain myself. Oh man… this was such a good session.
I wanted another backdrop. In life, I look at houses, gardens, trees… I look at these everyday things and I always imagine how I could photograph a bride and groom in them. ‘Oh that tree would frame them on this side, and then this grassy brush looks good on the left… and so on..’
I saw a house in Provo, Utah that looked lush and green. I knew it had a couple good angles that I could manipulate to look amazing. I wanted to keep the backdrop simplistic still because there is so much detail a happenin’ in her dress. These images turned out exactly how I had in mind. I couldn’t be happier with them.
Thank you SO much McCall and Tanner for putting up with my squeals, and jumps, and dancing… and most importantly… thank you for doing a lip sync video with me!

This is always my favorite shot. The Mom’s reaction to the first look. It’s so precious. Oh so precious!

My fav. 

My other fav

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

  1. Cam and Linds

    August 11th, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    As McCall's HMUA I appreciate SOOOO MUCH the stunning closeups you got of her hair and makeup. I am adding a link to your website on my hair blog today! Thanks so much!!! xo
    Lindsay Lee

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