Dusty and Carley – a night at the ballgame

Viewer discretion is advised. This couple is way too cute! AND they are HUGE baseball fans! So we decided to start the session at the Smith’s Ballpark. We were so lucky because the U of U baseball team was playing there that night so we didn’t need to rent the stadium, instead we just went really early to the game. 🙂 So no one was there but us… and the players on the field. It was so much fun! They brought cokes for the photos… and then one for me too! A coke zero! WHA! They’re so sweet. Oh and because we shot this on St. Patricks day, they brought me a green sugar cookie, which I ravaged like a starving fool. I love these people!
We shot at the stadium for 25 minutes then headed to Pierpont Avenue in Downtown Salt Lake City for the rest of the shoot. I wanted blossoms in some of these photos and that street had some cute ones. The sun wasn’t out, which meant that I needed to change my style of shooting a bit. I always love shooting with the sun bleeding in from behind them. So instead I turned them towards where the sun was (if it wasn’t behind a cloud) and went from there.
I love how they turned out! I even love the shots we took on top of the parking structure. I love the cityscape of Salt Lake in the background.
Mr. Dusty man was a hard one to crack. Most guys aren’t super excited to have me photograph them fro 2 hours… BUT I think he had a good time and I got some genuine smiles outta him.
Thanks you two for being so fabulous! I can’t wait for your bridal session! OH! And I hope Dusty comes to it! 🙂 🙂


See how much Dusty loves me! He loves me. 
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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