Harrison’s Superhero Birthday Party!

My little dude turned 5 years old.
That’s a big one.
Greg turned to me a few weeks before the big day and said to me… ‘Hey. You better get your shayiz together for this birthday party because we all know you can do it.’
He’s referring to the fact that every year Ellie’s birthday is absolutely over the top amazing. Themed, professional invitations, party favors… pretty much it’s a Pinterest party to the max.
And why is that?
Well… I’m all about pink and sparkles and princesses… so it’s up my alley… it’s my forte… my specialty if you will.
It’s fun to plan parties for girls. FUNNNNNN!
I find no natural excitement to plan parties around minions or spiderman. Blugh.

BUT! This is MY little dude, and he means everything to me. So… I got my shayiz together and gave this fella a party he’ll never forget!

As most of you know, his middle name is Danger. Serious. For reals.

So when he said he wanted a superhero themed party I thought… ‘Yeah, I can work with this.’

I designed his invitation. It took me half of a day… no joke. But I am so ridiculously proud of myself. I’m primarily a photographer, but in another life my calling would be graphic designer. So there’s that.

The super humans at Pro Digital Photos pulled through for me yet again! They printed the cute double sided 5×7 invitations. They’re about $1.50 each… and of course I chose the pearl paper so it could look even flashier! OH HAY!

AND at the last second I had them print all of the prints for the photo booth and the decor. They are so crazy fast about things like this. I said I need them ASAPY and they said… NO PROB! That’s what I like to hear friends. Efficiency, professionalism, and quality. DONE! SOLD! You have my heart forever.

Head to their website www.prodigitalphotos.com
You’re welcome.

The day came, and I was a hot mess. I called my intern. Yes. I went there. Jocelyn helped me get more of my shayiz together. She also set up the photo booth and operated it. So she definitely did photography that day. 🙂 eh he he (nervous laughter)

My sweet sister-in-law Christina made the cute cake, and my friend Mimi came dressed as bat woman of sorts to support the super hero cause. GOOD FRIENDS! LOVE ‘Em

Harrison’s crazy pants. When he’s around 8 other little dudes… he had absolutely 0% attention span. None. I don’t think I even got a shot of him looking at the camera once. BUT I love that! He was too happy and too excited to stop for a second. He loved it! And I loved watching him.

I don’t post many personal shenanigans. But I figured… I have a personal life too so I might as well give you a lil glimpse into it.


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