Brandon and Kendyl – the main event!

The day has come. I have spent so much time with this darling couple that I’m ridiculously emotional the ENTIRE day!
It all began at The Grand America. Their hotel room was absolutely darling and filled with giggling excited women. Jade with Kissable Complexions @jadeywadey180 was working her magic with Kendyl’s makeup in the bathroom. I LOVE these behind the scenes shots.
While Kendyl finished with her makeup, I grabbed her dress, her fur, her Valentinos, and her ring and had my way with them!
Then I had Kendyl come in and have a few precious quiet moments with her mom. I placed the dress on the window, then I asked them to stand right here and just talk about how excited they were for the day to begin. There were tears a flowing! Hugs aplenty. Oh my I love my job! I love being apart of such sweetness.

My intern and I met everyone outside the LDS Salt Lake Temple after they were married. For a winter wedding, we were lucky ducks to have such a mild day. It wasn’t too cold so we spent a lot of time outside.

Lunch break! I had a chicken salad. It was good.

Off to the reception! Location: Utah State Capitol. It was the absolute perfect backdrop for a former Miss Utah USA. Elegant, formal, fabulous. I snagged some shots outside before the sun went down… oh what am I saying. The sun had gone down. I was squeezing every little bit I could out of the last drop of twilight. My ISO was screaming! I was up to 1200! EEK! But I had the 1.4 85 mm lens so that was a super duper help!
I shot the formal family photos indoors on the granite steps. I used a Dynalite strobe. I didn’t put an umbrella or a soft box on. Instead, I put it on full power and pointed it to the ceiling. That way, the light was able to illuminate the entire building, and it didn’t look like cheesy prom photography. 🙂
(PS- Winter wedding are butt when it comes to lighting)

I had my good friend Ashley Quai come help me style the bridesmaids and family. It was such a huge help and I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this the new norm. It’s always better to have more than one person looking for things out of place. LOVE YOU ASHLEY!

I ended up with 3 assistants at this reception, and I used and utilized each one of them. Off camera flash… breaking down equipment, taking candids of family not being photographed. Trust… it’s madness that 1 1/2 before the reception begins.
Ryan Hineman was the videographer on the scene and he didn’t fail to notice that I had 3 assistants. I know he wanted to steal one for himself. Hee hee! I love working with this guy. He’s a stud.

The dancing! Kendyl and her mom are Zumba instructors. As you might know, Zumba is near and dear to my soul. I was SO happy I had two assistants shooting the dancing because it meant I could join in on the dance party. And I did… oh yes… I did… In fact, the mother of the bride and I had a dancing moment that my intern captured. So. Much. Fun!

I LOVED every piece and part of this wedding. The details were on point and everything was thought of. When the night came to an end I was beyond sad. I couldn’t believe it was all over! We had 3 previous photo shoots and I just wanted to keep going and going!

Thank you SO much Brandon and Kendyl. I am honored that you chose me to photograph your important day. LOVE YOU!!!!

Bridal Gown: Alta Moda Bridal
Floral Design: The Petal Coop
Makeup Artistry: Jade @jadeywadey180
Videography: Ryan Hineman

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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