Kenny and Lauren – a glamorous snowball fight!

These two pretties are married today!
When I saw the sexy black heels that Lauren was wearing for our snowy shoot I was immediately terrified for her precious feet. ‘Frost bite… losing a limb… pain… tears…’ all of that went rushing through my mind. She simply replied, ‘It’s okay, I’m really not cold.’ And she stayed strong too! One tactic was to have her hike around in her boots then have her stomple down a little nest to stand in. Then switch out into her heels.
These first images remind me of James Bond and his lady lover awaiting a helicopter to come whisk them off to their next assignment. They look smokin’ hot! Woot!
We switched gears and went for winter cuteness. I had Lauren’s sister throw some fake snow at them. So cute! Then we ended with a traditional snowball fight.

OH! I almost forgot! As I got out of my car to greet the couple, Lauren’s sister presented me with THIS (see image below). Apparently Lauren’s mom packed me TWO… thaz right. TWO coke zeros surrounded with ice packs. To keep them warm… because it was so hot outside… with all the snow and such. I was so surprised and giddy! I screamed and jumped up and down. Obviously my inner diva made her appearance throughout the session, beckoning for a sip every so often. BAHAHAHAHA!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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