Nick and April – an enchanted evening

When I saw April’s dress I was floored. AMAZE. I was so in love with it. The silhouette was absolute perfection, and the head piece is so unique! In fact, she made this headpiece because the one she wanted was around $200 so she pieced this together from fabulous gems from Hobby Lobby… Let’s have a moment of silence out of respect for Hobby Lobby. (I love Hobby Lobby) LOVE. Back to April, she looked like she stepped out of an enchanted fairy tale. 

As we were getting ready to shoot, a horse trailer pulled up. I looked to April and asked if she liked horses in any sort of way. She shrugged and said sure. So I asked the cute Dad who brought his two younger daughters up the canyon for a little evening ride if I could take a photo with one of his horses. He was so kind, he handed me the reins, and said take him wherever. 
What I’m not mentioned is that I had JUST had a pretty big conversation with the bride in regards to my extreme fear of horses. I mean… Isn’t it obvious? They’re larger than me. They could stomple me or kick me with their giant strong legs. So when he gave me the reins, I looked at my bride and mouthed a silent swear word. (Because I didn’t want the horse to hear my fear… He could already smell it) I tried to fake it… I looked at him (Chico the horse) and said… ‘I know you can smell my fear, but if you don’t mind, could you pretend to smell something else?’ Luckily, the Dad saw how ridiculous I looked and feared for the situation. He sent his daughter … no doubt she was 10… to take control and help position the horse… BUT it was all worth it! Look at how darling these shots are of the bride with Chico! So precious! 
This was one of those sessions where I use my high pitching squealing voice the entire time. When I get excited… I have to mentally tell myself to stop screaming every time there’s another darling moment or pose. It was just all too darling! By the end of the session, I was completely wiped out! I was drained of all energy because I was jumping, skipping, squealing… I was outta control! Just ask April. She’ll agree. I kept saying… ‘I just don’t want this night to end!’ 
The reason I’m telling you this, is because I got into my car after the session, and because I had so much adrenaline running in my veins from all of the excitement… My body had turned off the ‘you need to go to the bathroom’ switch. But it turned it back on after being in the car for a minute or two. And the switch was turned on with full strength. So much strength that I couldn’t pull over in time. I also couldn’t pull over because the bride, the groom, and the mom were in the car behind me and if I would have pulled over, they would pull over too to see what has wrong. AHHH! 
So I sang songs in a screaming voice as I sped to the nearest gas station. I was nearing the corner where I knew there was a gas station, but once I got close enough, I saw that it wasn’t on that corner and it was the next block up… My body only had so much strength left. I thought the grand finale, or the golden goose, or the finishing line were right there. BUT NO! It was a block away! I… I… I… I had too much Coke Zero… And there you have it folks… 
I piddled myself. 
About half of my bladder emptied by the time I made it to the gas station. I tied a sweater around my waist and headed inside. 
I am 31. THIRTY ONE people! Can you belieb this! 
Anyway, so there’s that. 
BUT I am absolutely in love with how these photos turned out… In fact, these are some texts that April sent to me after she looked at them. 
‘Mckenzie!!!! These bridals!! Are you kidding me!? Thank you so much for the beautiful photos.’
‘I’m sitting here trying to decide which pictures to print to have in frames and you have made it almost impossible to decide!! They’re all so beautiful! I hope you know how much I appreciate your talent and all your hard work.’

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
  1. McKenzie

    October 6th, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Oh my gosh! These are gorgeous!! And her dress! Ah where did she get it?!

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