Ryan and Jamie – Las Vegas loveliness

Ryan and Jamie are two peas in a pod. They are darling blonde lovely little thangs! Wedding day Barbie and Ken. So much loveliness meant that we needed to be sure to photograph them perfectly!
So Lilly of Picket Fence Films and I drove down to Las Vegas a day early to photograph their bridals at the perfect time of day… The goooooolden hour. We shot at the Las Vegas LDS temple the night before their sealing and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was only in the 80s instead of shooting in the heat of the day, but more importantly, the lighting was perfection. Every angle, every new location or spot we shot… it was fantastic.
This family is also full of sweetness. This is the second daughter from this cute family that Lilly and I have shot for. WE LOVE them! AND we LOVE going to Las Vegas to shoot weddings! In fact, now that the colder weather is approaching… I wouldn’t mind booking a couple more Las Vegas weddings. Spread the word people! Lilly and I travel! Take us home with you and we’ll make your wedding memories last forever!
Thanks again Robison family!

McKenzie Deakins
Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

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