The Bright Night Event

Wow! I mean, where do I begin…
First of all… Thanks to the lovely ladies who invited me to speak at this fantastic event. Ashley, Shelley, Haylie, and Amy. Crazy amazingly talented women who rock my world. The Bright Night Event is ALL about women helping women. The proceeds from the tickets sales goes to a local women’s shelter.

Secondly… AND MORE IMPORTANTLY! Feel free to take these images from my blog and repost. BUT PLEASE GIVE ME PHOTO CREDIT! Seriously… this is how I pay my mortgage payment, put food in the fridge, and give Ellie ballet lessons. Your referrals keep me afloat! 

So put a friendly PC: @photographybymckenzie on there for me. Pahleeeeze!

I changed lives teaching these trendy and ridiculously gorgeous women how to take better photos with their smart phones. My class was called ‘Snap your Sass’ – and we snapped their sasses! Oh yes we did! This was one of the absolute FUNNEST things I’ve ever done. I LOVE to feel the adrenaline of being in front of a crowd. I love it even more when they laugh at how crazy I am. One of my favorite things was to hear the ‘ohhhhh’ and the ‘awwwww’ that came from the crowd. I was pumping their minds full of photo knowledge and they were lovin’ ever second of it! In reality it’s SO simple to take your smart phone photo to the next level. Starting with finding a decent light source, then holding the phone really still while taking it, THEN taking it into a photo app. I use PS Express, but I know there are a lot of others that work too. HINT: Try not using a preset or a filter on the image. Usually those filters put things in them that aren’t exactly perfect for that image. Try fixing the specific things that are wrong with it… If you want to know more, then check out my ‘Snap your Sass’ class. I’ll be announcing dates for that soon!

I had so much support from my friends and family. My best friends Kass Martin and Lilly McDowell were there to make snide comments but at the same time make me feel oh so important. Then my handsome and ever supporting husband was there along with my lovely and precious Mom. Seriously… Such a good day.

I also met SO many new friends! I don’t want to name names, because then I’d feel horrible if I left someone out… But you know who you are. Oh yes you do!
AND then I had a couple of people that came just to see me. Like they just wanted to meet me… Like they thought I was a celebrity… and that was weird… but super flattering… and it almost went to my head. Well… it might have gone to my head, but I was quickly slapped into shape by Lilly McDowell. So now I’m good ole fashioned, down to earth McKenzie again. Phew! Glad that’s over with. 🙂

I have a gads and oodles of images to post. So bear with me on this one. There will be photos from the photo booth that my husband operated during the dance that night, then images from my ‘Snap your Sass’ class,  … then general fabulous images from the event.
There are many many many more images. This is just a piece of the pie. Check with @brightnightevent for the official images in a few days. They’ll give directions on how to see all photo booth images.

I taught alongside some absolutely incredible women. Diana – @livylovestorun, Jenna – @jennaskitchen – Alison @thealisonshow, Becki – @whippycake
Rockstar women right there.

Get ready to scroll!

McPicket Forever!

Thanks Lin @theurbanpost for making this CUTE sign for me on the fly. She’ll be at Swiss Days this weekend selling all of this cute shiz.

I am in love with Kass’s face. It’s perfection.

This is my short sweet cute little Mom. She’s my everything!

There’s a story behind this. Greg (my husband) and Shelley work together on photography projects. She says that he’s her other husband. So we thought we’d take a couple photos of the two of them together. 


GET IT AMY! You’re such a Rockstar. Be mine.

bright like a diamond

Persnickety Prints donated all of these lovely prints. I love me some Persnickety. 

Hollah Hollah!

I loved that the pickle was labeled. So I obviously asked Diana to pose with it. She’s such a good sport to put up with me. 

Well hello hot stuff! I’ll be seeing this lil lady on Friday. She’s working on a project in our studio. It will be hilarity!  

Crafting aplenty!

Git it guuuuuuurl!


Dear Kelsey, you intoxicate me with your red lip. #ikissedagirlandilikedit

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  1. Courtney B

    September 8th, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    Umm… we all want to meet you and be your bestie because you are freaking hilarious, and so real! Seriously, love you!

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