Nate and Kimi – a glamorous event indeed

Nate and Kimi are a glamorous couple, so it didn’t surprise me to see the glamour and fabulousness of their wedding and reception. 

Kimi Watts is Britney Watts’ sister. I recently blogged Scott and Britney’s Grand America wedding. These two weddings were by far the most fabulous and stunning weddings I’ve had this year. They were slightly similar but each bride definitely had their own personality and style integrated. 
The two highlights from this wedding (besides the bride and groom) were the floral design and the catering menu. 
The Petal Coop pulled out all the stops. Centerpieces done to perfection and every flower in it’s perfect place. The bride’s bouquet was elegant and romantic. The color combination was timeless but at the same time completely current with trends. I am so impressed with the ladies at The Petal Coop. You are always on point. Bravo! @thepetalcoop
Culinary Crafts: Not a big surprise. They’re Utah’s #1 Wedding Caterer. The quality and uniqueness of their delicacies is what sets them apart from the rest. Culinary Crafts has elevated their wedding reception menu above and beyond their competitors and they’ve created interesting display techniques which made it exciting for their reception guests to eat… You’ll understand what I’m talking about when you see the photos of how the salads were served… In conclusion, you’ll never be unsatisfied with Culinary Crafts. @culinarycrafts
If you think I forgot to talk about her absolutely stunning dress. You’d be dead wrong! I took Nate and Kimi’s bridal session at the temple. So I’ve posted all of those stunning images already AND gushed and gushed about Alta Moda Bridal. @altamodabridal
I loved this cute family. As I was loading up, the Dad (I always call the Dad’s ‘Dad’ because I can never remember their names) He came up to me and said that he felt like I was a part of the family now. I mean… I’ve spent a good about of time with them between both sister’s weddings. AND I’ve also spent two of the most important day’s of their lives with them. So yes… I would like to think that I am a part of the Watts family. I’ve just decided that. 

Lilly (Picket Fence Films) and I laughed our pants off when this happened! They were both going to kiss each other on the cheek.  

There was no lack of personality at this wedding. LOVE IT!

Crowd surfing anyone?

They called this the Urban Curl… Or the Urban Wave. Or… ugh! I can’t remember. 

Another Urban Wave

All of the boys are primping and taking care of the bride 
All of the girls are primping and taking care of the groom. 

The Petal Coop!

If you were wondering why Kimi was so gorgeous… It’s because of these two gorgeous parents. Stunning people!

Here’s a HUGE tip! When it comes time to take photos of just the bride and mom or just the bride and dad, I say “Now look at each other and say I love you.’ Every time they look at each other and smile and giggle. Or break into a complete emotional tear fest – OR if it’s the groom and dad… it ends up being so awkward that they laugh hysterically and so does everyone else. WIN WIN SITCH right here! you’re welcome. Now you can never say I didn’t do anything for you. 

My two couples! I LOVE THEM! 

Serious! This is the way that Culinary Crafts served the salads. It was so unique and hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing about how darling these little plastic balls were. 

The cutest little chauffeur there ever was. 

AND… I wish this was my backyard. 

Outta nowhere the bride and her maids jumped straight into a flash dance for the groom and his men. 

This. This one right here was one of my favorites. 
Will you please tell your family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances that you know a wedding photographer. Hmmm? Will you? Pahleeeeze! 
Thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you know. 
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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