Hansen Family – a windy Midway day

I’m driving all day today to Bear Lake to shoot a family session, then I’m driving alllll the way home. So I figured I’d blog about a family session today.
September and October are family session months. In fact, I only shoot family sessions 3 months out of the year. July – September – October
I still have available evenings. Family sessions are $325 up to 10 individuals and $425 up to 20. For 20+ the price is $525. This includes all full resolution images. Sessions are usually around 1-2 hours and include over 200 amazing candid and formal images.

This darling family needed their family photos taken because they were all in Utah for a family reunion. Park City was their destination, and they chose RIGHT! Park City rocks my world. I love shooting in Midway, but sometimes it can be a little windy… annoy…
I used the wind to my advantage. I told everyone to go out in the field and pretend to be an airplane. I instantly captured precious moments. Easy peezy. I love my job.

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This guy is single and ready to mingle! Yes ladies! If you’re LDS and interested, lemme know and I’ll hook you up!
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