Nate and Diana – an evening at the lake

Nate and Diana were absolutely darling to work with. Nate was the traditional groom that didn’t quite know how to act candid in front of the camera. But don’t you fret! I made him feel comfortable and had him laughing in no time at all! Seriously though… Are they gorgeous or what! I love that they both have that Italian look about them. Dark hair and dark eyes… so exotic. So fabulous!
Diana is one lovely thang! Her lovely dark lashes and luscious hair… so good… oh so good!
Near the end of the session, I wanted Nate and Diana to sit on these cute wooden steps. Problem. We didn’t have anything for her to sit on so the wood didn’t rip her lace in her dress. Looking around… there was nothing…
So I said… ‘Well, I could take my shirt off. I’m wearing a camisole underneath… So if Nate doesn’t mind…’ Then Diana said ‘Well, if you’d be willing’ I chimed in and said ‘I would do ANYTHING for you Diana!’
I took my mint green t-shirt off and put it under her bum. Yes… Yes I did that. The best part was that it made Nate and Diana’s smiles shine! Diana told me that she needed to take a photo of me with my shirt off. So this photo exists, but I’m not sure if I should post it… I know… I have some dignity that I’d like to keep.
Anyway. The lighting in American Fork Canyon was absolutely delicious. This location was Tibble Fork Reservoir. It’s a ridiculously popular spot for Utah Valley families to have quick family night in the water. Fishing, picnicking and such. These photos were riddled with people. Photoshop is my friend. It took no time at all to blip these good ole fashioned American families out of the photos.

Nate and Diana are getting married today and I am so excited! I’ll keep you in the loop along the way. I have your backstage pass! It’s waiting for you on Instagram! So head on over.

Dress: The Perfect Dress
Floral Design: Dry Creek Gardens

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photography

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