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Today, Kass Martin’s story and photos were featured on www.beautyrevived.com. This website features portraits of AMAZINGLY beautiful women. Women who have conquered and survived. Stunning women, inside and out. I submitted Kass to this website because she’s a Rockstar and has most definitely changed my life. Here’s what I said bout her!!
I chose Kass Martin as one of Utah’s most beautiful women because she makes me FEEL more beautiful.
Kass Martin is a celebrity Zumba instructor. She certifies women all over the world to become Zumba instructors. In fact, she’s taught Martha Stewart how to shake it!
Kass is amazing at what she does. When she teaches, you forget that you are holding onto 30 lbs of baby weight and then imagine that you look as fantastic as she does. Her energy on stage makes you push your limits a little further than you thought you could. After leaving class you feel energized, uplifted, and completely soaked in sweat.
Kass is inspiring. She is an amazing business woman, always looking for the next task to conquer. Her Zumba career has taken her to 15 different countries where she’s taught Master Classes to screaming fans. She’s been on the cover of the Wii Zumba video game and has been an actual character on three different Zumba games. She’s been on many shows including The Biggest Loser, Extreme Weight Loss, and So You Think You Can Dance to name a few.
Little known facts about Kass: She has a shoe addiction, drinks Diet Dew religiously, eats at Cafe Rio regularly, and loves her dog ‘Butters’.
So we’ve established that Kass is amazing at Zumba life, but she’s also one of the most dedicated and loving mothers I know. She is constantly engaged in her children’s lives (Dayne – 10 and Bridget -7). Kass travels often, so she makes it a priority to spend her precious ‘at home’ time with her family. The Martin family loves to go boating, swimming, playing games and goofing around. There’s no stopping them, in fact, they are the epitome of the ‘work hard/play hard’ kind of life. Kass is also an active member of the LDS church and lives it’s teachings. She is one busy lady, but she makes time for the most important things in life.
Kass has an absolutely fantastical personality. She can make anyone feel like they’re the most important person in the world to her and at the same time make them feel like they’re as fabulous as she is. It’s amazing. She’s silly and candid and real. AND she’s ma best friend. So that’s awesome.
You’re the BEST Kass! #kasstastic
Follow Kass on Instagram! @kassmartin

On a side note: I had a 100% lady lover crush on her for a year. A year. My friends laughed at me… Well – who’s laughin’ now? I WIN!
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