The Disneyland Family

I mean… what do I say…

This was the most beautiful, precious, lovely, and magical family photo session I’ve ever photographed. I’ve ALWAYS thought it would be amazzzzzzing to shoot a family session in Disneyland. But… how would that ever work? Since I live in Utah and a ticket to Disneyland is a million dollars…
It took the right family to pull it off! Shaun and Emily are absolutely stunning. Their choice of clothing was 100% spot on. Perfection. Shaun’s bow tie and suspenders mixed with Emily’s blue and white striped dress… I was jumping and squealing when I saw them! It makes ALL the difference in the world when my clients pay attention to detail. Emily and Shaun are artists, actors and performers. They know the importance of hair and makeup and costuming. I wasn’t surprised at how perfect they looked, but I was absolutely 100% thrilled with what I had to work with.
There were times when I would be out of breath, but I wasn’t running around… I was using so much adrenaline from excitement that it was wearing on me. Yep- I was that excited bout this!

This session was about 45 minutes. So if you’re thinking that you want this for your cute family… then they answer is YES! I’ll shoot for the first 45 minutes of you Disneyland day. Family sessions are $325 plus the price of a one day Disneyland ticket. Totally doable. totally. Call me and let’s get it scheduled!

SHAWN! You kill me! The hilarity! 

Seriously… Such a fun way to start off my Disneyland Day! 
McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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