Nate and Kimi – Salt Lake Temple at the golden hour

Most LDS weddings are scheduled for 11 am which means they’ll be coming out of the temple around 12 noon or later… most likely later. If you’re a photographer, you know that 12 noon is a tricky time of day to photograph. Not only is the sun bright and high in the sky but it doesn’t lend itself to manipulation well. That’s why I was more than willing to photograph Nate and Kimi’s bridal/groomal session at the Salt Lake Temple before their wedding day. We were able to take our time and really get some candid relaxed photos. The ONLY downfall was that Nate saw her in her gown before the big day. Now… for LDS weddings, it’s a little different when it comes to the ‘first look’ Photographers aren’t allowed inside the temple to see the moment when the groom looks at his lovely bride in her wedding gown. So I pitched the idea to them to have the groom come to this session. At first the family (mom, sister, and bride) were hesitant, but they decided to do it and they are SO happy they did!
Kimi is sister’s with Britney (my Grand America bride I recently blogged). So I have seen a lot of this cute family! I feel like I’m a part of them! I’ll just snuggle right in and join you for Sunday dinner. 🙂 mmm k.
Nate and Kimi’s wedding last weekend was ABSOLUTELY amazing. AMAZING. It was by far the best backyard wedding I’ve ever photographed. I can’t wait to blog ALL bout it! BUT for now, you’ll have to be ok with looking through these images.

Bridal Gown: Alta Moda Insta: @altamodabridal
Floral Design: The Petal Coop Insta: @thepetalcoop

Her hair looks like magic in this one. 

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Utah Wedding Photographer
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