Scott and Britney – a grand and most fabulous wedding

Scott and Britney have fabulousness spilling from them. They can’t help it. Don’t blame them. It’s not their fault that they are ridiculously good looking. They also have fantastic taste and style. Their wedding venue was the Grand America Hotel. So there’s that. There was NO way that this wedding could not be fantastic. I’m just happy that I was a part of it. Honestly I’m not going to pretend that this is the average everyday wedding that I shoot. I get a handful of these fabulous high end weddings a year. So when they come along, I get crazy excited. I can’t sleep the night before… my camera can’t stop shooting details and at the end of the day I am so incredibly exhausted. This day I started shooting around 2:45 pm and didn’t stop until 10 pm. It was fantastic madness.

I shot this wedding with Lilly of Picket Fence Films. We are such a crazy great team. A well oiled machine you might say. Dynamic Duo of sorts. She’s the yin to my yang and I’m a little salt to her peppa. Frankly we’re the absolute best photographer/videographer team in the state of Utah. We’re so awesome together that we have shot many many out of state weddings together. Did I mention we sleep in the same bed sometimes? mmm hmm… We’re best friends. So it saves on travel costs for out of state weddings. Anywhoo… there’s that.

It goes without saying that Nancy Barrus of Avenia Bridal is a masterful genius. This wedding gown was perfection. I loved every single bit of it! Paired with the stunning bouquet from the gifted hands of Alex and Natalie with The Petal Coop, there was no stopping Britney’s loveliness.
Scott chose to wear a timeless black tuxedo. I’m not gonna lie. I was a little weary of this choice in the beginning because I’ve been around so many fantastic custom charcoal grey suits as of late. BUT this was The Grand America Hotel. Come on. We needed to dress up to the nines. There’s no half way here. So, yes… Scott. Good choice. All good choices.

In conclusion. Money CAN buy you happiness or at least… the perfect wedding… BA hahahahahaha!

Quick Instagram moment

Doing what groomsmen do best… grooming the groom. 

These are my two brides! Britney was married in May and Kimi is getting married this month! June 21st! I am SO excited for her bridal session this Thursday!


While I was taking the bridesmaid’s photos I noticed that they were having a hard time looking at me. I turned around to see that the groomsmen and groom had organized themselves into a men’s choir. Conductor and all.  
There’s ALWAYS one of these groomsmen at the wedding. They’re my favorite. 

This was so sad because I told that bridesmaid that she had to hold on to that flower girl so she couldn’t run. I’m the worst… 

This little boy is all done. ALLLLLL DONE!

 I was actually really impressed with this photo booth. Super fun!

git it ladies!

fight for it gents!

These last photos are some of my all time favs. 

Now go and tell ALL of your friends to hire me for their wedding. Cause I need more weddings. 🙂

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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