Jon and Christie – ready or not! NOPE! They’re ready!

Jon and Christie are hilarious. I felt like they were on their honeymoon before their wedding. Every chance they got they would grab butts or make a fantastically raunchy face. Yes! I love all of that! Don’t hold back! I’ll document alllll of it! The first images on this post demonstrate what I’m talking about. HEE HEE! Get ready to die laughing! Man, I love this couple.

‘Did you need this angle, McKenzie?’

‘ Do you like what you see?’

Chest grab with a claw

high knee accompanied by mouth attack

Butt grabbing

mouth attack

more mouth attacking

butt grab and lunge

butt grab and lean

pose like you ‘know it’

shake it like a polaroid picture

I know Jon and Christie won’t mind that I posted these. um… I mean, I hope they don’t mind. ‘Jon and Christie… please still love me!’ These are too fantastic not to share!

This is my favorite for all of their sessions. mmmmmwha!

This is Brad. I shot his wedding last August. He was also Santa at the Valley Fair Mall… for reals. He was sitting up and his head was in the frame so I asked him to move a teeny bit to his right. Instead he just laid back and almost laid on my feet. So then we needed a photo to remember that. 

ring around the rosie! 

The wind was evil. Out of nowhere the wind stormed into my life and shot dirt and anger into these little ones faces. It was SO sad but kiiiiinda cute. 

Ice cream sandwiches? Yes, please!

This grandpa was so precious. Winner for best smile. 

Hi Jon Boy. Lookin’ good!

Sleepy Ridge is a fantastic venue. I give $100 off to my clients when they book with Sleepy Ridge as their venue. I live right around the corner. 🙂 
Thanks you two! I had such a great time. Be mine forever!
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  1. Michelle Gifford

    June 2nd, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    Gorgeous pics! You rock!

  2. jacque m

    July 12th, 2014 at 4:58 am

    I love that your sessions include fun and breathtakingly amazing photos. So fun to meet you yesterday!


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