Nate and Kimi – a walk in the tulips

Ode to the tulips! Oh Thanksgiving Point… is there anything more stunning or beautiful?
Nate and Kimi are having a garden wedding. In fact most of their wedding is themed with floral designs and such. This was the absolute perfect setting for their engagement session. Usually I shoot bridals here, but I knew what Kimi’s dress looked like and I wanted to dress this session up a bit. I was a rockstar when it came to navigating the gardens. This wasn’t my first shoot here… 🙂 I’m also very talented at driving a golf cart. Yep!
Kimi is Brittney’s sister. I just photographed Brittney’s wedding on May 10th. Kimi’s wedding is June 21st. I LOVE the Watt’s sisters! They have impeccable style and taste. I feel like this is the summer of Watts. They only have one more sister too! What am I to do! Anyway…
The gardens made for more of a traditional or timeless feel to this session. In fact, Nate and Kimi remind me of the royal couple. I loved it! Stunning couple, stunning backdrop, fabulous evening!

Side Note: I shot this session last night… And I have an amazing turnaround time!

These are the best. Nate took a floral design class at BYU. So her took over. Don’t worry! Nate’s got it!

Ta Da! I win!
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