Caroline – the unexpected Diva!

I have never been more surprised. I kiiiiinda knew Caroline growing up. She lives in my Mom’s ward and/or neighborhood (for those of you who aren’t Mormon). I was expecting her to be a little more passive and not really excited about the shoot, but she had to do it because her Mom is making her. NOPE! I was wrong. Caroline had a fabulous DIVA that was set free during this session. In every location she started by giving me the most fantastic Tyra Banks “Shmize” Oh man! She was workin’ it! I would forget to have her smile because it’s usually really hard to get people to do a good ‘no smile’ photo. Not with Caroline. She rocked this session. What a fun night! Thanks Caroline!

For some reason I can’t stop staring at this one. She looks like such a rocker. 

See! Her smile is so fabulous too! She’s stunning!

Ok, Caroline, let’s go crazy… We needed some silly ones too! I mean she’s just a high school senior. 

I love this one because Caroline’s Mom and I were freaking out because we kept saying… “Her reflection is staring at us! It looks so creepy! Why is ‘IT’ staring at us.” Then Caroline said “Um, I’m looking at you in the reflection.” It looked like her creepy evil twin was on the other side looking into our souls. We had a good laugh. 

Kinda creepy… right? BUT AWESOME!

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