Lehi and Katelyn – country cute bridals

Two more days people! This Saturday is the big day for Lehi and Katelyn! I’m so excited! Sad that I won’t have Lilly shooting with me, but she’ll be at the Salt Lake Temple shooting another wedding so we’ll run into each other. I’m just happy to be with this couple… (a story for another day)
Lehi wanted a horse. I got them a horse. Katelyn mentioned his desire for a horse in photos the day of. I called my Midway friend Mimi McDonald and of course she has connections. This family was so sweet to take their cute horse out for us to photograph. I’m super duper afraid of horses. For the obvious reason that they’re much larger than myself. I’m also afraid of cows. Really anything that could sit on me and kill me.
Lehi and Katelyn were perfection. I love it when the groom’s care about the photos. He was all in. Loved that.
Fun fact: Katelyn was a model for a bridal dress company that I photographed for. This was 5 years ago! Here are some of those images. You can see how much the style in wedding dresses AND photography has changed in 5 years. Yikes! It’s always so stressful for me to make sure that I’m always up to date and doing the next fabulous thang. Stresssssss.

THIS right here is why you don’t buy a WHITE wedding dress. It reflects the blue sky. So now it’s a blue dress and not a white dress. I know that I corrected this on the final image. It was also faaareezing that day that’s why her hands are red. I also fixed that later. 

Do you see? Do you see him staring at me. He wants to get me. HE’S GONNA GIT ME!

The horse wanted to munch on her bouquet. Hilarious. This couldn’t be a cuter photo. Katelyn is ridiculously photogenic. 

The wind took off with her veil, but Katelyn’s fast and snatched it before it flew away.

Well hello there.

And then I screamed because this was so beautiful. 

And this was her smile because I started screaming with happiness.

I can only imagine what Lehi is thinking…

Katelyn served her LDS mission in the Philippines and apparently when you buy a drink in the Philippines they pour it into a baggie and give you a straw to drink out of it. So completely confusing. They explained it to me like 7 times and I still don’t get it. So confused… still confused… don’t get it.

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