Dave and Jessica – Romantic Park City

Little did Dave and Jessica know… they were born to make the stunning ‘no smile’ pose look like child’s play. They were rockstars when it came to the Zoolander Blue Steel. It also helped that Jessica decided to wear the most fabulously flattering dress for the session. Oh, and a special thanks goes out to Dave for putting on jeans and non sandaled shoes. That’s Dave dressing up… for reals. He told me that he’s only wearing these jeans and shoes for this session and that they’ll live in his closet until further notice. He called them closet warmers… keeping his closet warm. He kills me… too fun! Jessica recently gave birth to a little bundle of joy only 2 months ago! Say wha? I know! She looks that great. I kind of hate her. Well, it’s a love/hate kind of thing. Anyway, I am so excited for their wedding at the end of May. I love their personalities, and I love when brides and grooms go against the grain to make a wedding that looks like them and not the rest of the wedding world.

Mmmmm k. Here’s the story with this. I was squatting shooting their photo on the ski lift. I hear a woman yell and then ‘woosh’ ‘woosh’ Two GIANT wolf dogs that looked like they came straight for an Alaskan sled team sprinted right in front of me. I had no peripheral vision looking through my camera so I didn’t see them coming. I was almost knocked over. AH! Dave and Jessica loved them. They wanted their photo taken with the doggie dogs but they wouldn’t sit still. Um… leash anyone? 

I know. This is Jessica’s ridiculously stunning mother. Which means that she’s a grandmother… I know… I know…


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