Braden and Jamie – navy and peach

I was looking forward to this wedding. It was my first wedding of the 2014 wedding season… AND they are a fabulous couple. 🙂 Their engagement and bridal sessions were nothing but perfect. I mean, what can top the ice castles on Valentines Day? I wanted this precious couple to be my ‘demo’ couple. 🙂 So I had Lilly with Picket Fence Films come to the temple with me to film me shooting their wedding. I know… you’re probably thinking that I just want to hang out with Lilly, but that was only half of the reason. She is such an amazing filmmaker so of course I wanted her at the helm of this promo video.
Braden and Jamie are so darling together. It was so easy to take their photos. I loved being a part of their wedding. Thanks for having me!

The Perfect Dress

Salt Lake LDS Temple
Riverside Country Club

This was such a sweet sweet moment. When she saw her Mom for the first time… oh man.. it was tender. Not a dry eye.  

I was in love with Braden’s aunt. Everywhere I looked she was using her iPad to take photos.  She told me she took great ones of my team. 🙂 She called us the glam squad. 

Everywhere I looked there was a camera looking at me! It was SOOOO weird to see Lilly NOT looking at the bride and groom. I can’t wait to get my promo video out thar!

Early Spring is SO tricky! Pretty much I have grass to work with. That’s it. 

The Perfect Dress is a fabulous place to get your dress. Simply fabulous. 

Moments after this was taken we were kicked off the green. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this situation. The best lighting, and the best backdrop was obviously the golf course… But they said it was off limits and that we could shoot over there… and pointed to a hill of dead grass. Super annoying.. 

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


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