Scott and Brittney – a nautical spring

Oh my! I was beyond excited to shoot this engagement session. She texted me a photo of the dress she would be wearing and I almost jumped out of ME BOOTS! I wanted this session to be perfection! It’s SO tricky too with the early Spring weather. There’s like… ONE… blossoming tree in the land, and so we had to work with other things… 

We started at Sleepy Ridge Golf course. Did I mention that I love that venue? It’s one of my preferred wedding venues. I offer discounts when bride’s book with Sleepy Ridge. The images from Sleepy Ridge are some of my favorites from the session. Then we moved on to the Provo Harbor. There was one lonely precious little sailboat that became our best friend. I was thrilled with ALLL of these ones. In this instance it helped that the sun was behind some clouds. Most of the time I’m a fan of partly cloudy with the sun peeking through when I need it. 
Now here’s the best part… I saw this blossoming tree and I knew it had to be mine! This tree was in someone’s yard. So we waited in the car while Scott changed outside into his suit…. Here’s the kicker! He was being watched! We had no time for modesty, so he took it all off next to the side of the road. The owner of the house came out as we approached the tree and said “I saw him taking if off out there and wondered what was going on” I proceeded to ask for permission to take photos next to his tree. Brittney was so cute and said “You should be in the photos with us!” Then he answered by saying “Why the hell would you want me to be in it?” HAHAHAHA! This… THIS is the kind of stuff that I love. I have the funnest job!

You’re welcome.
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