Dugan and Erin – a rainy wedding at Log Haven

The rain today got me thinking about this wedding. I didn’t blog this!

Dugan and Erin are precious to me. They booked me over a year in advance, which frankly is not normal for the Utah market. I took their ‘save the date’ photos, their engagement photos, and their bridal photos. I didn’t want their wedding to come! I had spent so much time with them and I seriously became so close with them that I didn’t want the fun to end! You HAVE to see their other sessions.

All of their sessions are perfect. They’re the kind of couple that is ridiculously easy to photograph. Erin is super skinny, so there isn’t a bad angle and Dugan’s hair is a thing of glory.
They also have the kind of love that is true and everlasting! When they look at each other… I seem to disappear. I have to yell at them to come back to me for the next shot. It’s fabulous! I was super lucky in 2013 and it’s looking like 2014 is going to be the same! Lots of lovely brides and handsome grooms.

NOW- I’m sure you remember their wedding day last year. September 7, 2013… This was the rain storm that was similar to a hurricane. For reals. I exaggerate a lot… like a lot… BUT this was the day that everyone had to call their insurance agency to fix their house from flooding or fallen trees. Any other bride and groom would have called it, and taken everything inside… NOT these two! They gave everyone an emergency poncho and sent them outside. I was a little worried myself, but it made for  one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever photographed. Dugan and Erin didn’t let it get them down. They smiled and laughed through the rain.
Their wedding guests were a hoot! They were funny when they weren’t drunk, but as the night went on, I liked them even MORE!
Thank you Dugan and Erin. Love you guys… Never leave me. I’ll have separation anxiety. Be mine forever.

This was such a hilarious moment! The wedding coordinator for Log Haven made her way into the brides room to distribute umbrellas for the outdoor rainy wedding. 

Emergency poncho anyone? Yes please.

Are you kidding me? This is the funniest thing that’s ever been ever! 

hahahahahaha! The ponchos! MORE! MORE PONCHOS! LOVE IT!

This is her reaction to seeing everyone wearing ponchos. YES!

Wipe a tear. Too precious.

Oh HAAAAY! Look at these beauties!

I sat down to eat so I could keep working like a rock star… then my friend from the wedding grabbed my camera and snapped a shot. See! Funny wedding!

Naked cake!

A little off camera flash didn’t hurt anyone. 

At the end of the night… this happened. I love these guys!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer
Photography by McKenzie

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