Ben and Elana – Sundance wedding weekend

Ben and Elana are from New York and so was errr body at this wedding. Sundance Resort is near and dear to their hearts. They worked at Sundance, so it made for a perfect venue for their wedding. 
This was a two day event. The ceremony was held on Friday. Ben and Elana are of the Jewish faith, so they couldn’t be married on Saturday which is their Sabbath. After the ceremony, they had a casual and charming kosher BBQ. Oh, did I mention that there was an absolutely horrible thunder storm? mmmm hmmm… lighting and sheets of rain. So the wedding was moved inside, which wasn’t my favorite thing, but I made it work. 
The next day was overcast, NOT raining, so I was super happy. I took Ben and Elana around Sundance to get some quick shots before their wedding dinner. Of course the lift operators always put up a fuss about stopping the ski lift to take a couple of photos… It’s so hilarious because we all know that this is going to happen. Don’t pretend to be bugged about it. Iz all okay. On a side note: Elana’s dress fit her like a glove. I’m pretty sure I stopped eating for a week after seeing how ridiculously sexy her back was in that gown. oh haaaaay!
I was absolutely amazed with the floral arrangements and decor. Melissa Hagen was a rockstar. She was like a busy little thang running around making magic happen. Elana didn’t fret at all with Melissa there. AND Kellie… I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved Elana’s bouquet. It was perfect. I use that image all over the place. Love it!
This was one of my favorite weddings from last year. The reason I haven’t blogged it until now was because I wanted it to be on my blog while brides were currently searching for wedding photographers! AH! I admit it! I’m a stinker! Hee hee!

Venue: Sundance Resort
Wedding Coordinator: Melissa Hagen
Floral Design: Kellie Jackstien of Artisan Bloom

P.S. Sorry for all of the images. I loved ’em all!

This was one of my favorites. Remember, it’s pouring rain outside. So I had to make anything and everything work. 

I loved this image in black and white too. Sorry for posting it twice. I couldn’t decide! 

The next day… NOT RAINING! Hooray!

Oh hay! Look at all those secksay legs! Mmmmm hmmmm!

I am thrilled with how these images turned out. I loved every bit of this wedding. Thank you so much Ben and Elana. It was such a treat to be a part of this stunning and sweet weekend.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer


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