Ben and Britney- a deserted golf course

Ben and Britney told me they wanted their engagements shot up the canyon. They loved this location in the canyon because it was covered in snow and stunning. That day was crazy hot for February. It was 65 degrees. As we drove to the spot we start to realize that all of the snow is gone and it’s left us with the ugliest yellowed grass mountains. Blugh! I decided to take charge and take this session a different direction. I saw this deserted golf course. Pine trees… hills… it had potential. Ben and Britney are for sure 100% the stars in this session. I decided to make this session more about their candidness and their relationship than focusing on the early spring guck.
I had such a great time at this session. Fo reals. Ben and Britney are so precious. Britney’s smile is infections and Ben… well… I think I broke through his outer layer. I softened him up and got some fabulous smiles from him. 🙂 Love ya Ben.
Their wedding is at the LDS Oakland Temple in April. Great ready for some Insta posts! Oh, and if you’re not following me on Instagram… then you’re missing out on some good stuff. So click this link.

This one touches my heart and my soul. When I processed it I wanted to cry. I also like the sun flare in it. 

Time to fix hair!!!!

I LOVE THIS ONE! That one tiny little piece of hair that came out. SO precious!

Hey Britney, while you’re up there, will you do some pruning? Those twigs are in my way. Ok thank you! Britney was very cooperative. 

Again, I don’t know if this translates… BUT might as well post it. 

K now, you two try to maneuver your way up onto that branch and don’t fall. I love my job!

Hold on Britney! Ben’s getting situated. 

allllll worth it!

Smolder that!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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