Shane and Hannah – too cool for school

This wedding was shot back in August, and I’m not blogging it until now… SORRY!
Shane and Hannah are the perfect example of being too cool. They wear matching Ray Bans, they rock the 90s style, and they live on the edge. I think they’re pretty much a big deal. What I love about Shane and Hannah was that they were casual and cool on their wedding day. Even when the doppler radar goes off at the Salt Lake Temple and 27 tornados touch down to make everyone’s dress fly in the air… they still keep their cool. Fo reals. It was crazy windy. I’ve never seen such madness in all my days. The garbage cans were being knocked down. Lilly of Picket Fence Films shot this wedding with me. After we finished shooting at the temple, and our hair and makeup were in shambles, we ran to the Mac counter at Nordstrom to help us look like humans again.
The reception was held in Hannah’s backyard. Such a stunning setting. I love garden receptions. Thank you Shane and Hannah. You two are too fabulous for your own good!

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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