Ice Castle Inspiration

I was aching for a photo shoot. January and February are slow for weddings, so I needed something fabulous to wet my appetite. I knew the setting had to be the ice castles in Midway. I missed the opportunity to photograph them the last time they were made, so this had to happen. I had a different model in mind, but because of crazy schedules, she couldn’t make it happen. I lucked out by finding Brinnan Schill. I was actually her activity days leader and I remember thinking that I would want to photograph her when she was older. Ta da! Now she’s older. She has such gigantic eyes! Wha! She really looked like a Disney princess.
Jenna Pinegar came to my house to do Brinnan’s hair… that’s when the weather started looking angry. My friend Mimi McDonald lives in Midway and texted me a video of the weather. It was lightly snowing. This was SO horrible. The dress I borrowed was from The Perfect Dress, and Robyn (the owner) would have killed me if that dress had one tiny snowflake fall on it. I was an absolute nervous wreck. This was the day to shoot. The ice castles were closed the next day, and I flew to San Francisco the day after. It was happening that day. I called La Caille to ask if they would paleeeeze let me come to shoot on their property without paying an arm an a leg. They were so sweet and were only going to charge me my leg. $250… nevermind then… I had my mind and energy set on shooting at the ice castles. So I decided to go forward with that plan.
Laurel with Bourne Exquisite, made her eyes fabulously icy blues and purples. love. Amy with Bleu Wednesday made this stunning composite rose. It’s the most simply unique bouquet I’ve ever seen. Absolute perfection! The color was perfect too. It complimented the blue ice. love.
We arrived at the ice castles, and the snow stopped. Hooray! Now… let’s hurry and get this shot before it starts up again. We were only able to shoot for about 20 minutes before the rain came. I wish I would have had more time, but Brinnan did such a fabulous job. She’s a natural. I loved how they turned out.

Vendor Credits

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie
Insta: @photographybymckenzie
Dress and Accessories
The Perfect Dress
2278 E Murray Holladay Rd, Holladay, UT 84117
(801) 568-3737
Insta: @theperfectdressbridal
Jenna Pinegar
(801) 615-9020
Insta: @bleuwednesday

Lovely lovely lovey.

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