Michael and Sarah – a flea market wedding

Sarah! Michael! I love you guys!
I met Sarah Casper at a What Women Want expo. Yeppers. I make friends everywhere I go. She was at a booth for Arbonne (the best thing that’s ever happened to my skin). So then she became my Arbonne lady, and I fell in love with her personality. She lives for flea markets and vintageness. (Perfect). She wears red lipstick (jealousy). She is a crafty rockstar. (same as me). I just love her. When she told me she was getting married… OBVIOUSLY I would be her photographer, and naturally we traded photography for Arbonne. Match made in heaven.
I feel like I’ve left out Michael! MICHAEL! You’re the best! Not only does Michael dote all over Sarah, but he will let her dress him. I know that Michael has his own awesome style, but Sarah adds a bit of her preciousness and then they look like they popped out of Vintage Bride.
They chose a date that wasn’t my favorite because I had already booked a wedding, so I wasn’t able to photograph her reception. Greg (me husband) shot their reception instead. I AM SO HORRIFICALLY JEALOUS! I was lucky enough to photograph her wedding and shoot the other wedding an hour later, but still. Their reception was a feast for a photographer. For reals. Wedding photographers can only get so far with composition… we need the goods! THE GOODS PEOPLE!

Side note: Please note (2014 brides) make me happy this year by putting lots of uniqueness and detail into your wedding. PALEEEEZE!

AND now… Michael and Sarah and a flea market wedding…

Such a darling family. 

Her succulent head piece… ‘YOU HAD ME AT HELLO.’

Storm trooper grooms cake. Perfect.

Their guest favors. Vintage blue ‘Ball’ jars with gumBALLs. So CUUUte!

This for reals happened. She just needed to water her flowers in her dress. No bigs.

All hands on deck! Michael grab the canteen and the antlers. They’re needed!

Are you dying for this dessert case? I die.

The end! Now your day is better.

McKenzie Deakins
annnnnnnnnnd Greg Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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