Steve and Alison – finally!

HOORAY! Alison is married! My good friend of 75 years has found her mate.  I said mate… hee hee. I was thrilled with her decision to marry Steve, but getting married at the Draper Temple always causes some problems with the WIND! Blugh. Even in the summer the wind whips out of that canyon to blow hair and veils all over the place. I always seem to get great shots, but it’s still annoying. I loved that I got to be in the ‘girlfriend’ photo. Oh yes! Here I come ladies! Stick me on the end and don’t worry about the fact that I’m wearing pants. P.S. All wedding photographers should wear pants. Squatting… climbing… need I say more? 

The evening was an intimate, charming, and classic garden reception. The nieces had me at ‘Hello’. They danced and ate snow cones in their matchy outfits. That always makes for perfect photos. I love the first dance shots. I probably blogged more that I should of those photos, but I couldn’t choose. They’re all so precious! I love you Alison… and Steve. You two make the perfect couple. The end.

Woo hoo! I made the cut!

Bri and Alison… so presh!

She was SO devastated that she didn’t catch the bouquet. 
McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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