Mike and Lindy – skinny in the shade

I shot their bridal session in the canyon and I timed it wrong by 40 minutes. The week before, the sun was perfect at this spot, but when I arrived, the sun was almost behind the peak. AH! We were able to get a couple great shots before the sun left, BUT they are still easy to photograph… even in the shade. 🙂  See their engagement session…

They are both so slender, that I was able to do some different posing with them. For example… they both EASILY and naturally squatted down. Even Lindy in her dress was able to get low and be comfortable. Craziness! Her dress was absolutely perfect for her body type. I know I keep talking about this, but Lindy is SO skinny, so I was a little nervous that she wouldn’t be able to find a dress. The back of this dress is stunning. Oh my!

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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