Sweet sweet words

Sometimes it’s not so fun to be a wedding photographer. BUT most of the time it is. Especially when I get feedback that is so sweet that I can’t hold back tears. I read some reviews on Angie’s List,
www.angieslist.com and I wanted to post them here as well. I am so appreciative of these clients. They took the time out of their lives to comment on their experience with me. It’s so generous because I know how fast life is. Thank you so much for taking that time for me. It really helps my little business grow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“McKenzie did wedding photography for us and was absolutely perfect! We first talked with her on the phone and absolutely fell in love with her. She is a joy to work with and has the perfect personality for a photographer. She is upbeat, fun, outgoing, funny, pleasant and makes it easy to smile and relax and be yourself. This is a gift and talent that not many people have and is such a blessing and gift when it comes to being a photographer. She doesn’t come across like a business person, but rather like a long time friend, which is exactly what we wanted. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer. In addition, and just as importantly, she has very high and excellent quality when it comes to the pictures she takes. Everyone has raved about our wedding pictures and we absolutely love them!
Everything went perfect. From the first phone call where we talked to her about our ideas and desires….to her giving feedback on the best locations and ideas to make the pictures the best they could be…..to our wedding day and the pictures she took. When you hire McKenzie, you are not hiring an amateur, but someone who is a professional and truly knows what she is doing. She was there exactly on time and was set up perfectly from the first picture as we came out the temple (which are some of our favorite pics) to the very last picture at the end. She started by taking pics of us as we walked out and then with our family as they congratulated and interacted with us. She then took pics of us with various family members working through the group and down to the point where it was just the two of us. The weather was a bit cold and windy but that didn’t deter her at all as she joked and had fun with us and our entire group.”

-Kirk Zitzman (Groom)

“It’s difficult to convey how completely satisfied we were with our wedding photos. Mckenzie has a website that has several excellent photos that speak to Mckenzie’s skill as a photographer. Though I knew she was a great photographer I was still a little surprised when I saw how good our photos looked. I didn’t think that I could look that good; these were the best pictures I had ever seen of myself. But it’s not like she made my wife and I look like models from a bridal magazine. She captured our personalities wonderfully and I think the photos do a excellent job of capturing the joy we felt on our wedding day. I should also comment on how easy it was to work with Mckenzie. She was flexible, reliable, and fun to be around. We felt very comfortable during the shoots which I’m sure helped us get great pictures, but it also made the experience of having your picture taken over and over again unexpectedly fun. We we’re very happy we chose Photography by Mckenzie for our wedding.”

– Don Gardner (Father of the Groom)

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie

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