Kyle and Mackenzie- my favorite wedding of 2013

I can’t believe I forgot to blog this wedding. This is the winner of the 2013 wedding season. This couple is charming, beautiful, sweet, kind, and my favorite thing… they have taste. Their story is so precious! They spent most of their dating life in different states. They did a lot of FaceTime and saved their money for flights to visit each other. They wrote each other all the time and they brought their love letters to their engagement session.

I loved shooting their bridal session, and I had no idea how awesome their wedding would be.

Mackenzie mentioned that her theme was vintage travel. Oh my! It was a feast for my camera. Unfortunately it was the weekend of 100+ temperatures. At one point I felt my blood pressure get a little high. I had so much adrenaline from shooting the family photos and detail shots that I forgot to drink water or stay in the shade. Yikes! BUT… it was all worth it. The details were perfection, and I couldn’t get enough of the larger than life board games. Jenga, Scrabble… oh my! What’s better than a bride and groom that have an amazing evening to photograph? The answer is the bride and groom are amazing. They are so precious to me. They were so courteous to me and made sure I was taken care of. I also love it when the groom is nice. Most grooms hate their photos being taken, and I make it an awesome experience. But when the groom is comfortable in his own skin… it makes it SO easy. Kyle and Mackenzie. I love your faces! Come back to me for your family portraits. I can’t get enough!

It was so windy that Mackenzie kept blowing her cute collar down. Kyle also helped. 🙂

Mackenzie put her father’s photo on her bouquet in remembrance. 

I wanted to be sure to include all nieces and nephews. 🙂

This is the giant Jenga game. 

This was my favorite part of the decor. It looked like shipwrecked sails. Darling. 

It’s me! I get a photo with the bride and groom! 

This was so hilarious. These sparklers were of the devil. They spouted off angry amounts of red smoke. I’m pretty sure they were smoke sparklers. 

McKenzie Deakins
Photography by McKenzie
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