Johnnie and Stephanie – Las Vegas Glamour and HEAT!

No one knows heat like Las Vegas. This wedding wasn’t just hot, it was boiling. People on the radio were talking about the local government placing hydration stations across the city. It was suggested that one should stay inside. 115 degrees. For reals! I have never been so hot. After being outside in the shade for about 20 minutes I could tell that I was starting to feel dehydrated, then after 40 minutes I felt the beginnings of heat stroke. I had to sit down, breathe, and drink a bucket of water. Wha! I have dealt with every type of weather. The heat isn’t my favorite, BUT this couple is. 

I fell in love with them the second I saw them. The grooms fantastic suit with his perfect tie and succulent boutonnière. Fabulous! Then Stephanie… need I say more? Yes, I’ll keep going… Her hair! That long dark hair! You had me at ‘Hello’. Her dress was perfection. It had a champagne satin under the off white lace. It was great because I was able to photograph detail in it because of that. Oh, and the bouquet. That was the touch of Las Vegas glamour that I needed. The ribbon things that tied it together. So dramatic and fabulous. mmmm… 
They decided to have a dinner at Tommy Bahama’s instead of a gigantic dinner and dancing shenanigans so they could put some money into getting into a new house. Good idea. I loved the intimate gathering. It’s so much more personal and it will mean more to them in the long run. 
The crazy thing was that Lindy (Extensions by Lindy) was a bridesmaid at their wedding. I’m also shooting Lindy’s wedding next month. It was great to see her. 
Even though this was the third of back to back weddings, I still put all of my love and effort into it. Thanks you two for being such a stunning, glamorous, and precious Las Vegas bride and groom. I hope you like how these turned out. 🙂

Yep! Wipe down that sweat. Bring on the tissues. 

Cool it down brotha.


I love that only one guy is holding the groom.

McKenzie Deakins
Utah Wedding Photographer

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